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Most of our instructors are still offering online lessons as well. You can select your preference on the sign-up form.

If you are coming into the Foundry for in-person music lessons, please review the following information.

  • Wear a Mask: Everyone age 5-years-old and up is required to wear a mask upon entering and while in the building. 
  • Wait Outside: Students and parents are not allowed to wait in our lobby so we can limit the amount of people in the building and promote social distancing.  Talk to your instructors on how you will be notified that they are ready for you. Some instructors will come outside while others will text you to come inside. The only exception is if you are arriving via a bus, walking, bike and the weather is prohibitive to waiting outside.  
  • Monitor Your Health:  Please stay home if you or anyone in your household is not feeling well. All of our instructors will waive any cancelation penalties for in person lessons.  If there is any possibility that anyone you have been in contact with has COVID, please don't take any risks and cancel. We can always do an online lesson or wait to do make up lessons until you have been tested.  
  • Frequent Sanitizing: Not only is the Foundry cleaned daily, but high-touch surfaces are cleaned frequently during the day.  Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building.
  • Facility Maintenance: We have made sure that there is as much fresh air flow as possible throughout the facility. Furnace filters are regularly replaced, additional air purifiers are placed throughout the building and every studio has constant air flow via the HVAC system. Weather permitting we will also open lobby windows to increase the amount of fresh air intake.

Sign up for Lessons at Madison Music FoundryA Place Where Music Is Made
There are frequently many activities happening at the Foundry in addition to lessons, including rehearsals, band workshops and classes. This creates a vibrant community where music students are often crossing paths with professional musicians.

The Best Lesson Environment Around
At Madison Music Foundry we believe that private music instruction works best when it is supplemented with extra learning opportunities. That’s why we provide a number of extra activities at no additional cost to students including Student Jams and Recitals.

Recorded November, 2020

Our Instructors Enjoy Teaching Here
We actively work with our instructors to create and improve programs for our students. Plus we treat our instructors well by giving them full control over their lesson studios and by charging them very low rates for lesson studio space. We’ve come to realize that being good to our instructors means we get the best talent, and the biggest winners are our students. Read our lesson philosophy (PDF).

Lessons are $30 for 30 minutes and are paid via monthly tuition. There are no long-term contracts or registration fees. To get started, please fill out our registration form.

Lesson Scholarships
The Madison Music Foundry Lesson Scholarship provides partial assistance toward paying for lessons. Awarded three times per year, deadlines to apply are May 10th, August 10th, and December 10th. For full terms and conditions, click here
Apply for a lesson scholarship.

We are grateful to the individuals and businesses who have donated over the years to both kick-start and sustain the Foundry scholarship program. If you'd like to join their ranks and become a donor, please email us at

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