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Sign up for lessons The digital age has seen the rise of a new musical field: electronic music. Like with any other instrument, there is a technical side to it and an artful side which all gets honed through practice. Electronic lessons can cover two main areas of interest: electronic music production (creating your own music and beats) and DJing (the act of performing live whether with turntables or a digital console or a combination).

Even if you don't have any equipment, you can use ours until you gain a better understanding of what you want or need. To get started, click the button to the right to fill out our online lesson sign up form. Someone will be in touch with you after that to discuss a lesson plan custom designed just for you!

Ryan Savic

Ryan Savic


I've been DJing for over 12 years and have held residencies in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Madison. I've played all over the Midwest and have developed a passion for not only the electronic music I choose to play, but for the people who come out to shows who really appreciate it. How to pick the right tracks at the right time to take the crowd on a musical journey is a learned skill.  When done right, they are right there with you, and it can be a spiritual experience. 

I fell in love with vinyl right away. It was like riding a wave of sound that you could fall off of at any point if you got off time. Exhilarating. I then moved on to production in order to be able to make the music I enjoyed so much. I still remember the first time someone came up to me to ask 'what track is this, it's great!' and it happen to be my original production. I also love passing on knowledge to others. I communicate well and enjoy seeing people have that 'aha' moment.

I graduated from Madison Media Institute with honors with a degree in Recording and Music Technology.  I currently hold a residency at Nattspil and formerly held one at Tipsy Tuesday’s at Jolly Bob’s, Madison’s longest running electronic music night.  I’ve recently played shows for the Madison collective Foshizzle Presents and Milwaukee based Apart.   I am also in the beginning stages of starting my own electronic music label Lake Effect.