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Sign up for lessons The piano is the symphony wrapped in a single instrument. It's arguably the most versatile instrument ever invented. It serves as a foundation of rock, country, jazz, blues and folk. And if you add in its keyboard brethren (e.g. organ, harpsichord, and electronic keyboards), it's in virtually every style of music.

At Madison Music Foundry we're pleased to offer a diverse selection of great instructors who, combined, can cover a wide gamut of the piano and keyboard repertoire.

We can offer lessons to any age and level at a time that's convenient for you.

Peter Baggenstoss

Peter Baggenstoss


Peter was born in northern Minnesota where he began playing piano at the age of five. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he received a bachelor's degree in Piano Performance. Since moving to Madison, Peter has had the opportunity to perform and tour with many groups, and currently he plays with several ensembles of varying styles. Along with being classically trained, Peter also has ample experience studying and performing jazz, blues, pop, world music, and other genres. Peter welcomes students of all ages and skill levels and enjoys helping students achieve their musical goals. As a teacher, he is patient and enthusiastic. While providing a strong foundation in theory and technique, he is able to cater to an individual's musical interests.

Brendan Franklin

Brendan Franklin


While Brendan makes his living these days as a musician and educator, his musical beginnings stuttered before taking off with rocket boots. Initially setting his guitar aside out of frustration, power chords and the promises of youthful punk rebellion were enough to rope a young, teenage Brendan back in. Teaching himself was great, but his desire to learn more about music beyond what he and his friends could figure out led him to study music at Edgewood College. While there, studied classical guitar under Nathan Wysock and jazz under Daniel Wallach before receiving his BS in Music in 2012.

In his tenure as a music instructor since 2004, Brendan has helped his students graduate to milestones ranging from playing in first bands, writing first songs, to even successfully auditioning for the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Music. Brendan welcomes students of all ages and skill levels. He believes in not merely teaching students notes and songs, but also how to learn and apply their musical knowledge they an grow more well-rounded as musicians. He also recognizes that no single teaching approach works for everyone or even every song/concept for a single student, so he teaches in and encourages an open, friendly, and flexible style that best suits each student.

Brendan currently plays with award-winning Irish rock band The Kissers and Chicago's Last False Hope.


Jourdan Hines

Jourdan Hines


Jourdan's experience covers a variety of styles and genres that include pop, rock, blues, jazz, folk, and classical. As a formally trained musician with a degree in Music Production and Theory & Composition, he is greatly familiar with the many aspects of creating music, writing, recording, performing, and music business.

Teaching since 2002, Jourdan seeks to empower students with the musical knowledge and skills needed to be a successful musician. The path taken to achieve this goal is individualized and based upon the student’s interest, whether it be a professional career in music or an enjoyable personal hobby to share with friends and family. He strives to make music a positive and rewarding experience that will last a lifetime.

In addition to being a teacher, musician, and producer, Jourdan also works as a designer and yogi. He’s currently in the process of producing his own original music and performs regularly around the greater Madison area.

Additional lessons and classes taught: Music Theory, Composition, Recording, Live Sound, and Music Business.


Alison Margaret

Alison Margaret


Alison Margaret’s relationship with music is both deep and broad, spanning the continuum between performance and formal education. She hails from Chicago, where she studied at the prestigious Columbia College, earning a degree in vocal jazz performance with a minor emphasis in classical piano. She has a master’s of music education with a focus on jazz performance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Ms. Margaret has been a music educator for over 18 years. In addition to holding a private studio of approximately 25 students, Ms. Margaret is a faculty associate for the Music Education Area at UW-Madison and teaches courses such as composition, arranging, and orchestration. She has also taught group piano and music theory courses at Madison College. Her educational philosophy is rooted in inclusive schooling concepts and she welcomes students with unique learning styles and music interests.

As a vocalist, Ms. Margaret leads the “Alison Margaret Jazz Quartet.” The group has performed at Madison’s Jazz at 5 Festival, Milwaukee's 3rd Ward Jazz Festival, the Brink Lounge, Memorial Union, Isthmus Jazz Festival, and a host of other venues. Alison has also performed at many famous Chicago jazz haunts and festivals, including the Green Mill, the Hot House, Jazz Showcase, and the Navy Pier. Ms. Margaret is likewise an accomplished Hammond organist in the Madison music scene. She performs frequently with local blues bands and leads a jazz/soul group featuring the sounds of Hammond greats such as Chester Thompson, Jimmy Smith, Booker T, and The Meters.

Alison also teaches Music Theory and Jazz Harmony.


Nancy Rost

Nancy Rost


Nancy Rost took piano lessons back in the 1960s and '70s, but her more formative education came in the 1980s when she began sitting in at piano bars and busking with a blues band. Inspired by her hands-on experience and independent study of music theory, in 1988 she developed an "Instant Piano" course for adults. She specializes in teaching students to play by ear and improvise, whether playing solo, accompanying their voice, or playing with others.

An award-winning and prolific songwriter in jazz, pop/rock and folk genres, Nancy strives to share a creative, fun approach to learning piano. Nancy currently records as a session player and performs as a solo singer-songwriter, with the acoustic trio Two Johns & A Nancy, and with the Madison Area Ukulele Initiative. Her students have gone on to study music in college, to compose, perform and record, and to share music with their grandchildren.

Nancy also teaches Music Theory and Songwriting.


Joshua Stromer

Joshua Stromer


Joshua has been playing music for the better part of 20 years. His journey with music started with guitar and piano at around the age of 10. He has graduated from the University of Wisconsin with an Associates of Arts and Science degree where he studied music theory for two years. He has also obtained a Diploma from Hillsong Leadership College in Sydney Australia where he studied contemporary music for two more years.

Joshua has been composing film music since 2011 and has had his music sold world-wide. He has been teaching music professionally since 2012 and has hundreds of hours worth of gigging, studio work, teaching and performance. Joshua is highly creative along with professional and he brings all of this with a lifetime of experience to his compositions, bands and students.

Joshua also teaches guitar, voice, ukulele, recording, songwriting and music theory.