Rehearsal Studios

Our rehearsal studios provide a professional and comfortable space for musicians to hone their craft. Rooms are acoustically intelligent, climate controlled, and include quality gear to help keep your rehearsals productive.

Each band rehearsal studio includes a drum set, bass amp, 2 guitar amps, PA system, 3 mics, 2 music stands, and a keyboard. You are welcome to bring any of your own equipment to replace or augment ours, for example if you need more than 3 mics or more than 2 music stands, you will need to bring these items.  Please see our FAQ page for additional gear info.

Band rehearsal studios require a 2.5 hour minimum session for $60 (medium rooms, 7 people max) or $75 (large room, 12 people max). Additional time beyond the first 2.5 hours is $12 per half-hour (medium room) or $15 per half-hour (large room).  Booking price includes a $10 non-refundable booking fee.

Solo rehearsal studios, including those equipped with drums or digital pianos, can be reserved for $15/hr (one hour minimum, one person only).

The further in advance you schedule, the more likely a studio will be available.  Cancelations with 48 hours notice will receive a full refund minus the $10 booking fee. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are non-refundable.  See below to make a reservation.

For more info, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.  For additional questions please contact us.

Rehearsal Studios