Rehearsal Studios

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Hours of operation

Monday - Thursday: 2pm to 11:30pm
Friday: 2pm to 8pm
Saturday: 11am to 8pm
Sunday: 12pm to 8pm

Rules of the Foundry
  1. Respect the facility and others within it.
  2. Do not engage in any conduct that others may find offensive or discriminating.
  3. There will be no more than ONE GUEST (non-band member) allowed in the room or in the building at any time unless otherwise approved by Madison Music Foundry.
  4. Minors are not allowed to rehearse without the presence of at least one adult.
  5. Madison Music Foundry will inspect rooms prior to, and after rehearsal. You WILL BE held responsible and/or prosecuted to the full extent of the law if any property is defaced, stolen, broken, damaged or otherwise acted upon unlawfully. If a piece of equipment is not working or you need technical assistance - ask for help. If you break something - just tell us.
  6. There will be no illegal drugs used or sold on these premises (including common area and parking lot) at any time. This also includes (but not limited to) minors partaking of alcoholic beverages or any other form of illegal consumption.
How to schedule a rehearsal studio

Please call the office at 608-270-2660. You can e-mail us (info(at) to check availability, but we prefer to speak on the phone to confirm your first reservation.  We appreciate at least 1 to 2 days notice if possible, but feel free to call whenever you get the urge to practice.  If your band has a set weekly schedule for when you practice, we can schedule a recurring reservation for up to 8 weeks in advance (soloists can schedule up to 2 weeks in advance).  Please don’t schedule a studio until you are 100% sure that all your band members will be able to make it.

Cancellation policy

You may make changes to your reservation as long as you do so at least 48 hours before the reserved time. If you cancel or make changes with less than 48 hours notice, you will be held responsible for paying the full amount for the time reserved. Cancellation fees must be paid prior to future scheduling.

We understand scheduling conflicts arise and will work with you to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. Please respect our studio schedule as we need to keep these studios busy to pay the bills, and we also want to make sure we can get everyone in that needs to practice that day.

Thing to consider while using rehearsal studios

Please DO NOT go into other studios to grab equipment.  If you are in need of assistance, please ask in the office.

Please put the studio back to the way it was when you arrived. If you rearrange the drums, please put them back together. Wrap up cables, clean up your garbage and make sure you have all of your belongings.

Please keep your rehearsals within the times that you have reserved. You are expected to be cleared out and paid up within this time period. If you need more time please inquire with the office.

Never take the speaker cables off of the guitar or bass amps. If someone turns on a tube amplifier and there is no speaker cable connected, it will blow out the amp and you will be responsible for the repairs (which could be anywhere between $200-$800+)

Beverages are allowed in the studios but spilled beverages will incur a $10 charge per spill to cover cleaning costs.  If you spill please tell someone in the office so we can take care of it right away. 

Do not set beverages on amps.

Keep your studio door closed at all times whenever you are playing, even when setting up / warming up.

Free WiFi is broadcasted throughout the building.

Gear provided in rehearsal studios

Solo rehearsal studios (for one person only) include 1 music stand and a digital piano or drum set.  Drum sets for soloists include 2 crash cymbals. 

Band rehearsal studios include a drum set, bass amp, 2 guitar amps, PA system, 3 vocal mics (with stands/cables), 2 music stands, and a keyboard. You are welcome to bring any of your own equipment to replace or augment ours, for example if you need more than 3 mics or more than 2 music stands, you will need to bring these items.   

Drum sets include a single-bass kick pedal, ride cymbal/stand, hi-hat cymbals/stand, 2 extra cymbal stands, and adjustable throne.  Crash cymbals are not included for bands but can be rented for $5/pair.

The equipment listed below is available throughout our band rehearsal studios.  We cannot guarantee an exact piece of gear for rehearsals, as some of the items like drums and bass amps are designated to certain studios, and sometimes gear is off-site for maintenance.  With that said, we will do our best to accommodate requests. 

We do not rent gear for off-site events, however Full Compass has an excellent rental program:


  • Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier: 50 watt guitar amp (2 channel)
  • Mesa Boogie F50: 50 watt guitar amp (2 channel)
  • Mesa Boogie F100: 100 watt guitar amp (2 channel)
  • Mesa Boogie Double Rectifier Tremoverb: 100 watt guitar amp (2 channel)
  • Fender Band Master (black face): 40 watt guitar amp (1 channel)
  • Ampeg VH-140c: 140 watt solid state guitar amp (2 channel)
  • Peavey 5150: 120 watt tube guitar amp (2 channel, original block letter series)
  • Peavy Classic 50: 50 watt combo amp (2 channel, 2x12" speakers)
  • 6 speaker cabinets (4x12"): 2-Mesa, 1-Marshall, 2-Peavey, 1-Soldano


  • Ampeg SVT II: 350 watt tube bass amp
  • Ampeg BR2e: 450 watt solid state bass amp
  • Ampeg BR1: 300 watt solid state bass amp
  • Mesa Boogie Subway D800: 800 watt bass amp
  • 2 Gallien-Krueger Backline 600: 300 watt solid state bass amp
  • 1 Ampeg 8x10" bass cabinet
  • 2 Ampeg HE 4x10" bass cabinets
  • 1 Ampeg HLF 4x10" bass cabinet


  • 5 piece Mapex Mars Series
  • 5 piece Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set - Birch
  • 5 piece Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set - Maple
  • 5 piece Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set - Birch


  • Yamaha P-115 Digital pianos


  • Yamaha and Peavy 8 channel powered mixers, JBL, Yamaha and Electro-Voice speakers, Sure SM58 microphones