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Madison Music Foundry is a hub of musical activity. On any given day MMF is buzzing with music students crossing paths with working bands. Private lessons, music classes, and band rehearsals all take place simultaneously within 17 soundproof studios, bringing in musicians of all ages interested in honing their craft, building their careers, and networking with others.

Madison Music Foundry also operates a fully equipped recording studio, Blast House Studios. Located less than a mile away, students are able to take advantage of this professional studio through recording classes, band workshops, and in-studio recitals.

Madison Music Foundry's philosophy on music education is that it should incorporate real world application, be flexible with changing technologies and methods of learning, and be adaptive to each each student's desires and abilities. To carry out this philosophy we offer two categories of education: Lessons and Programs. Below is a description of each.

Lessons are private, one-on-one sessions with an instructor. They are usually geared towards a specific instrument, but can also cover a variety of topics (see Specialty Lessons). These are typically 30-minute time slots scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Students enrolled in lessons are automatically eligible to participate in our Student Jams and RecitalsVisit our Lessons page.

Programs include all of our non-lesson offerings. These include Workshops and Classes. Workshops are oriented towards playing in a group setting and entail rehearsals and a concert. Some workshops such as Rock Workshop also include recording at Blast House Studios. Classes include mostly non-performing topics such as music theory, recording and live sound mixing. Visit our Programs page.

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