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The woodwind family has been around for centuries. Not too long ago, archaeologists dug up a flute that was over 30,000 years old. The clarinet as a reed instrument dates back to the Middle Ages, while the saxophone, as the youngest of the woodwinds, is a mere 160 years old. All of these instruments appear in a wide variety of genres including classical, rock, jazz and folk.

At Madison Music Foundry we have a selection of great instructors who give lessons on flute, clarinet and saxophone--and in virtually any style that interests you. Instruction is available for all ages and levels at a time that's convenient for you.

Pete Ross

Pete Ross


Pete is a Wisconsin native and has been active as both a saxophone performer and teacher for the past twelve years. He attended the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor where he studied jazz saxophone and improvisation with Donald Walden and classical saxophone technique and repertoire with Donald Sinta. He received a BFA in Jazz Studies on saxophone in 2003. He has toured with the Glenn Miller Orchestra and Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Michael Sullivan and has had the pleasure to perform with Madison area artists such as The Jimmys, the original funky drummer Clyde Stubblefield, the Madison Jazz Orchestra and the Madison Mellophonium Jazz Orchestra, among others. Pete can be heard on recordings with The Jimmys, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the University of Michigan Jazz Ensemble and guitarist Bobby Messano.

Having been a private instructor in saxophone and clarinet since 1998, Pete has had the opportunity to work with students of all ages and skill levels. Pete stresses strong technique and fundamentals, while at the same time focusing on the interests and aptitudes of each individual student - be it jazz improvisation, classical repertoire, chamber music and ensemble playing, or theory and ear training.

Jim Gerbig

Jim Gerbig


Jim holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and has worked with all levels of Brass and Woodwind students since 1982. In addition, he has been a private studio guitar and bass guitar teacher since 1977. Equally at home playing Rock, Jazz, and Fusion styles, he especially enjoys helping rock guitarists make the transition to playing in their school jazz ensemble.

He has coached hundreds of band students to Superior and Excellent ratings in Solo/Ensemble performances, from individuals and small ensembles to full jazz band and concert band events. In addition, he has worked with students on all instruments to improve their improvisational skills and working knowledge of Music Theory.

With over 30 years of studio teaching experience, Jim prides himself on finding the right approach to guide any student in realizing their potential, on whatever their instrument of choice. Full Bio (pdf)

Evan Mitchell

Evan Mitchell


Evan Mitchell has been teaching voice, piano, and instrument lessons to students of all ages, varieties, and styles for the past 9 years.  He is a graduate of Luther College and McGill University, where he has advanced degrees in Music Performance.  He has performed both classical and pop music throughout the United States and Canada as a recitalist, lead singer, chorister, accompanist, and director.  He has taught at the college level, specializing in music history, performance, and literacy courses, as well has holding his own private studio.  In addition to 19th century French opera and Cole Porter standards, Evan holds a deep interest for novelty and humorous songs- be sure to ask him what that means, and he will be sure to give you some great music to listen and sing to that will be sure to make you laugh!