Mixing Basics Revealed

Oct 14, 2015

Mixing Basics Revealed

by Jourdan Hines

Mixing can be a very complex process. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration when creating a great sounding, well balanced mix. Moreover, there is no right or wrong way to put it all together. If you were to give the same tracks to two different mix engineers they will likely produce equally good but distinctly different sounding productions.

Although mixing can be very challenging and sometimes a daunting task, there are many common techniques to simplify the processes or at least establish guidelines that will enable you to more quickly create something that satisfies you and your audience. Far too often we complicate the process too much and make mixing more difficult than it needs to be by adding too many instrument tracks, too many fx, or forgetting to keep the song and/or album as a whole in perspective.

A fellow engineer friend of mine recently shared this three part article he found on mixing by Andy Stewart on AudioTechnology.com.au titled Stereo Mixing: The Art, The Science, The Fiction. It is a great read for newbies as it will help you establish good habits. If you are a more seasoned mix engineer it might be helpful to bring you back to the basics, not to mention bring to light any bad habits you’ve developed over the years.

Stereo Mixing: The Art, The Science, The Fiction. I

Stereo Mixing: The Art, The Science, The Fiction. II – EQ

Stereo Mixing: The Art, The Science, The Fiction. III – Compression

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Jourdan began studying music when he was just seven years old starting with piano. He quickly became interested in song writing and becoming a multi instrumentalist. He received a B.S. in Music Theory and Composition from UW-La Crosse and an A.A.S. in Music Production from McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN. In addition to teaching music privately, Jourdan works as a freelance designer under Designs by Hines. He focuses on graphics, web, recording, marketing, and project management. You will also find him performing as a solo artist and with regional acts.

Teaching since 2002, Jourdan's goal is to empower each student with musical knowledge and the skills needed to be a successful musician. Open to all ages, the path taken to achieve this goal is individualized and is based upon the student’s goals, whether it be a professional career in music or an enjoyable personal hobby to share with friends and family. He strives to make music a positive and rewarding experience that will last a lifetime.

Jourdan's playing experience covers a variety of styles and genres including: pop, rock, blues, jazz, funk, folk, and classical. In addition to his primary instruments he plays and teaches: bass, drums, mandolin, and singing.

Beyond formal instrument technique he also instructs Music Theory/Composition/Songwriting/Arranging, Recording Technology, Synthesizer/Keyboard Programming, and Music Business/Promotions.

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