Watch the Video of the Student Showcase at Blast House Studios

Dec 17, 2020

Watch the Video of the Student Showcase at Blast House Studios

We have released the first three videos from our Student Showcase recorded at Blast House Studios! This is our first time ever holding a showcase in this fashion, and so we're excited to share it with you. Stay tuned as we release a total of 10 videos over the next few weeks showcasing the talents of our students and all the dedication they have had over the last year.  

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Recorded at Blast House Studios
Dustin Sisson - Producer, Audio Mixing, Video Editing
Landon Arkens - Audio Recording, Audio Mastering, Video Capture

Student Jam
The Student Jam is a way for students to take what they've learned in lessons and apply it in the real world. Participants learn their respective parts to a song and then (normally) get on stage and perform it! This happens on the fly without a group rehearsal (hence it's a "jam"). The shows always take place at professional venues where touring bands play regularly. Student Jams are free to anyone taking lessons at the Foundry.

Performance Shop
Shakeout, Sandblasters, and SLAG are youth groups in Madison Music Foundry's Performance Shop program. They practice weekly, learn cover songs, and normally perform gigs throughout the year. 

Recording During COVID
For this showcase students went to Blast House Studios and cut their individual tracks. Recorded during the COVID pandemic, no one else was in the studio besides the student and the recording engineer.* All performers wore masks except singers who were in an isolation booth. All surfaces in direct contact with musicians were disinfected between sessions and disposable covers were put on the headphones. Air purifiers were placed throughout the building.

*Performance Shop groups were together (except for singers), socially distanced, and with one additional recording engineer.

Madison Music Foundry will continue this format for our Student Showcase until we can all safely be together to enjoy a live show.