The Foundry Jazz Ensemble Plays Jazz at Five

Sep 02, 2014

The Foundry Jazz Ensemble Plays Jazz at Five

We'd like to say a special thank you to Jazz at Five for giving our students the opportunity to perform at their excellent event. The Foundry Jazz Ensemble plays today at 4:15 opening for the Darren Sterud Orchestra.

From "Jazz at Five is a downtown Madison tradition since 1994. Each year the series consistently provides exceptional free jazz concerts in a stunning locale—the 100 block of State Street, where State Street meets the Capitol Square. When the sun is shining and the music is flowing, there is no better place to be than at Jazz at Five."

At Madison Music Foundry we have several ways that we educate and promote Jazz:

In addition to having multiple instructors who teach jazz, we provide performance opportunities as an integral part of taking lessons. We hold Student Jams several times a year where students perform live at a local music venue. Plus the group performing at Strollin' Monroe Street, the Foundry Jazz Ensemble, is comprised of lesson students at the Foundry.

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Open to the public and to youth and adults, this program places students into a band based on age, ability, and musical interestes. They rehearse for eight weeks with an instructor and complete the program with a public show at  a local music venue. Here's what a few people have said about Jazz Workshop:

"[Instructor Chris Vincent] was very focused on the students and their development individually as well as part of the overall group. He really taught my son about how jazz works and what each individual musicians role in a group should be. "
--Parent of a Jazz Workshop Student

"It was just as great as I thought it was going to be because I learned tons of very valuable information and I had a lot of fun."
--Youth Student of Jazz Workshop

"The staff was outstanding, The gig was in a very good place, the overall experience was so helpful, and i learn a lot!!!!!"
--Adult Student of Jazz Workshop

"I had a blast and totally enjoyed all the people in my group. I would definitely do it again. Would be fun to reunite the group and see how much further we could go. We improved leaps and bounds the last several weeks."
--Adult Student of Jazz Workshop

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We are in the process of launching our Fall Classes. The complete schedule will be up by the end of July. Right now have the first of our jazz oriented classes posted: Jazz Improv Essentials with instructor Michael Butkus-Bomier. Other classes relevant to jazz that will be posted in the next two weeks include Jazz Hacks for Jazz Hacks by Brad Carman, Music Theory, and Patterns in Music by Brendan Franklin. And there are more....please check back soon.

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