Rock Workshop Band Flash Drive to Play AtwoodFest

Jul 25, 2014

Rock Workshop Band Flash Drive to Play AtwoodFest

Big thanks to AtwoodFest for giving these guys the opportunity to perform! Flash Drive participated in the Foundry's Rock Workshop program in spring, 2014. In that program we place students of similar age, ability, and musical interests into bands that practice for nine weeks with an instructor with the focus of writing three originals. They record those originals in two recording sessions at the Foundry's award-winning Blast House Studios, and then play a gig at the High Noon Saloon.

Sometimes several students all sign up for Rock Workshop together. Flash Drive was actually already a band, but signed up to Rock Workshop to get the expertise of the instructor, go into the recording studio, and of course play at the High Noon Saloon. And we're excited to see them have another performance opportunity at AtwoodFest!

Flash Drive
Saturday, July 26, 4:30-5:30pm
The Liz Lauer and Associates KidsFest Stage

The Foundry also hosts two other band workshops: Jazz Workshop and Traditional & Roots Music Workshop.

Click here for more info on Rock Workshop