Our plan for reopening

May 17, 2020

Our plan for reopening

Message from Michael Olson - owner/manager

I am slowly and carefully making plans for the next steps of reopening. The plan, as of now, is to open in different phases so we can monitor each step to ensure we do this as safely as possible and don't rush into something we can't manage to the best of our ability.


To open up a few hourly rehearsal studios for bands and solo musicians. Operational hours will be limited to 2-3 days a week and hours TBD. To start things off I will limit one band per studio per day. If you're a previous customer please email us (info@madisonmusicfoundry.com) with times and days you are interested in and I'll be in touch. Please note that it will help if you're flexible at this point. I'm still not committing to a date for when we start this phase of opening as I'm still developing new procedures on how to operate this side of the business safely. In the meantime I would like to gauge interest for those looking to book time and also what days/times are most common so I can start working on a schedule.


At this point I have no idea when this happens but in the meantime our instructors are teaching from home. Anyone who is interested in private lessons can get started online and once we feel it is safe to do so we will reopen the facility for in person lessons.

To enroll in online lessons please sign up via our website: https://madisonmusicfoundry.com/education/lessons/

Once students are reintroduced back into the facility I will temporarily shut down the rehearsal studios. This will limit the amount of people in the building and let us focus completely on the processes required for the lesson side of the business.


Once we get to this point the facility will be open for business for all of our customers and have the same operational hours that we did prior to the COVID-19 shutdown. There will be lots of changes to ensure safety so as long as everyone can respect our new guidelines for how to work within the facility, we can get back to making, learning and rehearsing music at the Foundry.

With all of the above said, if at anytime we see the curve moving in a negative direction we will again close regardless of who is or isn't making the call. Your life is more important than our short term financial gains. The Madison Music Foundry will survive this situation as long as we need to, we're in this for the long term.