Three Split Blend: The Foundry Vocal Band

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If you are interested in participating in the Foundry Vocal Band in Spring, 2017 please contact us.

Three Split Blend is a female vocal group that explores traditional and contemporary sounds from around the world. Influences include groups such as Sweet Honey in the Rock, Celtic Woman, Coco's Lunch, and Rising Appalachia (see video playlist to the right).

As part of a small ensemble of voices, each member performs as a soloist, responsible for their own individual part. This gives the singers a chance to shine within the safety of the group, and the responsibility of holding their own. Singers get the opportunity to learn a wide array of vocal styles, playing with timbres and textures that only voices can create. Instrumentalists may join to provide accompaniment on selected tunes.

Be prepared to get creative, as many of the arrangements of tunes will be co-created and may involve improvisational elements.

Requires instructor approval. See below for more details.

Three sessions: fall, spring, and summer. There are 8 rehearsals each session that occur weekly.

Mondays, 4:00-6:00pm with Marie McManama

  • Spring 2017 - TBA

$150 per session*. Payment is due in full with registration.
*After the first session members of the Foundry Vocal Band may renew their registration even if they don't qualify for the eligibility listed below. The rate for previous members who are neither current lesson students nor Rock Workshop participants is $200.

Reminder: This is a female vocal group

  • Must be a private lesson student at Madison Music Foundry, be recommended by an instructor, and be a high school senior or equivalent or younger;
  • OR
  • Within the past six months student has enrolled in or applied to enroll in Rock Workshop (or another Band Workshop program) and is recommended by the coach and/or auditioner.

This group consists mostly of vocalists, but may have 1-3 instrumentalists as well. We think a total of 10 is a good size.


  • Attendance - It's expected that everyone tries to make it to every rehearsal. Recognizing that reality doesn't always meet our expectations, it will be up to the coach to decide whether a student is ready for  a performance based on rehearsal attendance.
  • Performances - We are finding new performances all the time. We'll contact the group regarding each performance to see if enough members are available to make it happen. We will always give as much advance notice as possible. Plus if we have some redundancy in instrumentation, this allows for greater flexibility for scheduling gigs, and hopefully creates opportunities for you to play more tunes.

Fill out the registration form when it becomes available. Questions? Contact us.