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How much is tuition?

It depends on the workshop, but generally ranges from $325-$375. The makeup of each workshop is different. For example Rock Workshop includes a recording session so it costs more. For all workshops tuition includes all rehearsals with an instructor, all gear provided (students bring their own instruments), and the gig at a local music venue.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes. In our enrollment form, there is an opportunity to request financial assistance. If you have any questions, contact .

If I participated before, can I do it again?

Yes! We have many students participate in multiple sessions. You do still need to re-enroll though. There's a place on the application where you can indicate your past participation.

What equipment do I need to bring?

We provide whatever equipment is needed for each workshop. This can include amps, mics, PA system, drums, and keyboards. Students are expected to provide their own instruments.

Will I get placed in a band?

The number of bands that we can put together entirely depends on the applicants we get for that session. We work to match the right instrumentation along with ability, age, and musical interests of the members. Sometimes we don't have the right makeup (i.e. too many drummers or not enough bass players), and so sometimes we don't have a band for everyone who applies. We do try everything we can to create as many bands as possible while also ensuring that participants have a quality experience.

Sometimes we don't accept students because of ability. Each workshop requires students to have some level of knowledge of their instrument and the style of music (see the auditions section of each workshop). If this is the case, we will notify you of the reason and give you constructive feedback on what to work on in order to participate in the future.

If I don't get placed in a band, can I apply again?

Absolutely! You can always apply no matter what happened the past round.

If I don't get placed in a band, do I get a refund?

Yes. You get everything back that you paid.

What if I apply and then realize I can't participate?

If this happens, we'll refund everything except for your application fee.