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What do I need to bring?

This depends on the program. If you need to bring anything special, you'll be notified. If you have any questions, contact .

What if I cancel?

Cancellation policies vary per class. However the following guideline generally holds true of most of our classes:

Last day to cancel - Every class has a specific date after which tuition will not be refunded. This is because of the preparations we have to make for the class to occur. It's generally about 10 days before the first class. All dates are listed on the Madison Music Foundry Events.

When is payment due?

Payment must be received within 7 days of submitting the enrollment form. Failure to pay in 7 days will result in being removed from the class.

What if Madison Music Foundry cancels the class?

Every class has a minimum enrollment that we must meet. If we fail to meet the minimum enrollment, you will be notified that the class is canceled and will receive a full refund. We will notify you of a cancellation no later than three days before the class is scheduled to begin.

I have some ideas for classes, can I tell you about them?

Yes! We are always looking for ideas. Please stop by the front office or send an email to .