Rehearsal Studios

Our hourly studios provide you with a professional and comfortable rehearsal space. We priced these studios with a musician's budget in mind but without sacrificing quality. You get to practice in a large, acoustically intelligent, climate controlled studio with great gear and staff to help keep your rehearsals productive.

Each band rehearsal studio is set up with a 5-piece drum set (everything included except crash cymbals which can be rented for $5), bass amp, keyboard, PA with 3 microphones with stands and guitar amps upon request. There is one music stand per studio, so you will need to bring your own if extras are required.

The minimum reservation requires a 2.5 hour minimum session for $50. Additional hours past the first 2.5 hours are $20/hr. There is an extra $10 fee for groups with 8-11 members and $20 fee for 12+ members to the initial 2.5 hours. Solo musicians can schedule studios (including the piano & drum studios) for $10/hr (one hour minimum).

Schedule your session the same day you want to practice or a week ahead of time. We do prefer to get at least 24-48 hour notice so we can plan ahead, but that isn't necessary. The further in advance you book your time the better the chance a studio is available. Please keep in mind that there is a 48-hour cancellation policy and any cancellation fees must be paid prior to booking future rehearsals.

Please take the time to research all that we have to offer to find what will fit your needs the best. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or check out the Madison Music Foundry FAQs.

Rehearsal Studios