Musician’s Wellness Workshop

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with Elizabeth Kiser and Jourdan Hines
Sunday, April 23, 12-1:30pm

UPDATE: This workshop has been cancelled. However, our monthly Musician's Yoga classes address many of the same topics. Please see Musician's Yoga for details.

Being a musician is physically demanding in unique ways. This workshop offers musicians helpful ways to take care of themselves in order to avoid injury and make better music. Join Jourdan and Beth to learn about musician wellness practices as they address the importance of maintaining good technique habits and how to condition the body/mind through musician’s yoga. 

Topics to be discussed include: healthy postural alignment, yoga poses to relieve tension and build strength, breathing exercise to improve focus for practice and performance, as well as an introduction to acupressure / pressure points to release tension and areas related to repetitive stress injuries. 

Please bring a yoga mat
$10 Suggested donation


Elizabeth Kiser is a long-time musician, wellness practitioner, creative arts therapist and teacher. She brings over three decades of work with children and adults celebrating wholeness through the arts and therapeutic music and movement. Nationally recognized for her work as a consultant with the Families and Schools Together program, a featured Artist in Education with the Overture Center, Founder of the Madison Cello Ensemble, former Director of Training and Artist in Residencies at Very Special Arts, co-founder Wisconsin Wellness and Healing Arts and currently Hike and Heal Wellness. Beth continues to be excited about creating opportunities for learning, health, community and spiritual growth through music, movement and mindfulness.




As a professional trained musician and recently certified yoga instructor, Jourdan has spent well over a decade refining his craft and honing his skill sets as both a performer and yogi. Through personal experience with a music related injury, yoga became a life saving force which has allowed him to continue doing what he loves and to create music.

Jourdan is currently an active solo musician, freelance designer, and yoga instructor. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience as it relates to his life passions.

He and his wife Mary Wallin recently launched the wellness and lifestyle company Well Rounded Guru. Together they share resources on health and wellness through their website that they have found useful in everyday life.

Jourdan also teaches Piano, Guitar, SaxophoneRecording & Mixing Techniques, and Live Sound Basics.