Live Sound Basics

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by Jourdan Hines
April 22, 10am-2pm

Brush up on the basics of how to run live sound on a professional sound system. You will have the chance to learn about signal flow, micing techniques, frequencies, EQing, and mixing in a live sound environment. Ask the questions you've always wanted regarding trouble shooting. This class will help you utilize your own equipment with greater ease and you'll learn how to make yourself sound better too. Includes hands-on time on the Frequency’s mixing console.

Co-taught by Dustin Boyle, the house sound engineer at The Frequency.

Takes place at The Frequency121 West Main St., Madison, WI (map

$60 | $54 Current Foundry Lesson and Rock Workshop Students
Maximum enrollment: 10


Jourdan began studying music when he was just seven years old. He received an A.A.S. in Music Production from McNally Smith College of Music and a B.S. in Music Theory and Composition from UW-La Crosse. In addition to teaching privately Jourdan works as a freelance musician, recording engineer, and graphic designer. He performs regionally with a variety of groups and as a solo artist.

Teaching since 2002, Jourdan's goal is to empower each student with musical knowledge and the skills needed to be a successful musician. The path taken to achieve this goal is individualized and is based upon the student’s goals, whether it be a professional career in music or an enjoyable personal hobby to share with friends and family. He strives to make music a positive and rewarding experience that will last a lifetime. Full Bio (pdf)

Jourdan also teaches Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, and Recording & Mixing Techniques.