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Registration will remain open up until the event on Jan. 23. Click here to register.

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January 23, 2016
Performing authentic covers:  Beatles records as canonical musical texts

Facilitated by GET BACK WISCONSIN, a Madison quintet dedicated to the study and performance of the entire Beatles catalogue.

Goal: Participants in the workshop will experience hands-, ears-, and minds-on, the various aspects, benefits, challenges, and principles of preparing and performing Beatles songs, when the aim is to stay true to the recorded versions.

Click here to register for the Beatles Workshop.
Registration will remain open up until the event.

General Public
Adult - $50
High School Student* - $40

Current Foundry Students
Adult - $45
High School Student* - $40

*To be elligible for this workshop you must at least be of high school age (or older). It is possible that we may make an exception for younger students, but you will need special permission. Please contact Get Back Wisconsin directly to see if you qualify.


9:00-9:45 Introductory session
A quick overview of what we are doing and why
A few words about each of the specialized sessions
A short performance by GET BACK WISCONSIN

10:00-11:00 Specialized sessions round 1
-Drums (led by John Nokovic)
-Bass (led by Steve Morgan)
-Keyboard/Strings/Winds (led by Aviv Kammay)
-Guitar (led by Geoff Blake-Horst and Sean Michael Dargan)

11:15-12:15 Specialized sessions round 2
-Vocals (led by Sean Michael Dargan and Steve Morgan)
-Beatles literacy: Discography and bibliography (led by Geoff Blake-Horst and Aviv Kammay)

12:15-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2:30 Specialized sessions round 3
-Self-contained “inauthentic” Beatles covers for the solo artist (led by Sean Michael Dargan)
-Arranging Beatles covers in the practical world (led by Aviv Kammay and Steve Morgan)

2:45-4:15 Practice time in small, ad hoc ensembles, each facilitated by one or more Get Back Wisc. members

4:30-6:00 Closing session
Performances by workshop participants
A live rehearsal by GET BACK WISCONSIN (using Rubber Soul material)



Geoff Blake-Horst first came to The Beatles’ music when a neighbor introduced him to Sgt. Pepper at the age of 8. This led him to guitar at the age of 15, where the Beatles harmoniously linked with his love of punk rock. He enjoys playing with Get Back because he loves the music, friendship, and the challenges that playing in a band requires.

Sean Michael Dargan was seven when he “borrowed” his sister’s copy of Magical Mystery Tour.  40 years later he still hasn’t given it back.  Sean has fronted his own, eponymous, nationally-touring band for over 25 years, in addition to playing guitar, bass, bagpipes in, and singing for myriad other projects.  The songs he plays -- both original and from the pop canon -- can all be traced directly to the Beatles.  In Get Back he has finally found a  sacred repository for this longstanding love of the lads.

Aviv Kammay has wanted to be in the Beatles since age 3. At age 31 his wife reasoned him into settling for finding a group of people who would agree to listen to him talk about the music of the Beatles, so he turned to Craigslist. Before he could say Help!, a band was created. Aviv is very dedicated to Beatles scholarship and collects so many Beatles books and recordings that they spill over. He teaches music at Wingra School and OSRUI, and writes music he cannot play.

Steve Morgan was actually THERE for the original Beatles experience! Steve has played guitar and bass since he was a kid, and has diverse musical interests and activities including jazz groups, choral music, and playing in the pit and conducting musicals for local theater groups. He recently retired as Director of Bands at Madison West High School. But studying and "channeling" Paul's brilliant bass work is among the most challenging and fulfilling of his musical pursuits.

Johnny (Ringo) Nokovic, a Beatles & British Invasion music fanatic, started pounding on an old fruit box after seeing a televised performance of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. It was the start of a love of drums & percussion that continues on today. Rock on!