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We are still accepting registrations for the fall session. Click here to register.

The Foundry Roots Ensemble embraces the traditions of roots music including folk, country, bluegrass, and world music. It is our hope that the group has multiple members on each instrument (within reason). We have no specific goal for instrumentation, but lean heavily towards acoustic instruments and vocalists. In fact we can take multiple vocalists as harmonization is a big part of many styles of roots music--plus the group is coached by voice teacher, percussionist, and composer Jasper A. Kaye. Drummers are welcome--especially if you're interested in percussion instruments (such as djembe, congas, cajon, etc.).

We are able to take musicians of all levels, but it does require instructor approval. See below for more details.

Three sessions: fall, spring, and summer. There are 8 rehearsals each session that occur weekly.

Saturdays, 1:30-3:30pm with Jasper A. Kaye

$150 per session. Payment is due in full with registration.


  • Must be a private lesson student at Madison Music Foundry, be recommended by an instructor, and be a high school senior or equivalent or younger;
  • OR
  • Within the past six months student has enrolled in or applied to enroll in Rock Workshop (or another Band Workshop program) and is recommended by the coach and/or auditioner.

As stated above, we can accept nearly any instrument, and lean towards acoustic instruments. We can also take multiple vocalists. Maximum enrollment will be approximately 10 depending on the specific instrumentation of each session.


  • Attendance - It's expected that everyone tries to make it to every rehearsal. Recognizing that reality doesn't always meet our expectations, it will be up to the coach to decide whether a student is ready for  a performance based on rehearsal attendance.
  • Performances - We are finding new performances all the time. We'll contact the group regarding each performance to see if enough members are available to make it happen. We will always give as much advance notice as possible. Plus if we have some redundancy in instrumentation, this allows for greater flexibility for scheduling gigs, and hopefully creates opportunities for you to play more tunes.

Fill out the registration form. Questions? Contact us.


Jasper A. Kaye


Jasper A. Kaye (FKA Diana Sussman), a collaborative composer, performer, educator, and improviser, strives to promote emotional awareness and growth through her artistic endeavors.  A new resident of Madison, Jasper has joined the faculty at Madison Area Technical College and Wheelhouse Studios, offered through the UW Union.  Her courses include beginning group piano and Getting to Know Your Voice, a group course for beginning singers.  She also has joined the alto section of Madison's professional choir, the Madison Choral Project (MCP), and has founded her own vocal ensemble, FOMA, that performs regularly around the Madison area.

While attaining her master's degree at the University of Michigan, Jasper performed regularly as a part of many ensembles and impromptu groups.  She was a vocalist in the Contemporary Arts Orchestra, a member of and soloist in Orpheus Singers, and soloist and conductor in several of her own works, including a choral work entitled On the Clothes Line.

Her recent commissions include two works for the choreographers and dance faculty members Chris Walker and Marlene Skog, a trio for flute, bass and percussion for Erika Boysen's Dissertation Recital at the University of Michigan, a saxophone and harp duo, and a slew of short works for the puppeteers at the 2014 National Puppetry Conference.  Jasper is a member of PASIC, ASCAP, College Music Society, and American Composers Forum.  Her works are published by Bachovich Music Publications.