At Madison Music Foundry we put a lot of effort into creating a professional and friendly environment for all who pass through our doors. We want musicians of all ages, students, parents, instructors, and staff to feel fulfilled in their musical endeavors. For our instructors we strive to be supportive, respectful, and transparent in all of our actions. And we find that when we treat others well, the favor is returned in kind. We believe the list of awards below shows some of the fruits of those efforts.

Although we are not actively hiring at this time, we are always keeping an eye out for talented and motivated people that would be a great asset for the Foundry. Below are several categories of skills that we frequently need. Please feel free to fill out the application with any information that you'd like to provide.

Customer Service
We work hard to maintain a friendly, comfortable, and professional atmosphere at all of our points of contact: in the building, on the phone, and online. The person in this position will:

- Communicate regularly with students, parents, instructors, bands, and staff;
- Answer questions about lessons, education programs, and rehearsal room rentals; and
- Perform general office management including accessing and updating online tracking and scheduling software, filing emails from multiple accounts, and scheduling rehearsals.

Facilities Operations
Helping keep the Foundry clean and comfortable. This includes general cleaning such as vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms. It also includes setting up rehearsal rooms which involves moving amps, drum sets, keyboards, and wrapping cables.

The education "department" bridges the gap between cool ideas and practical application by:

- Managing performance opportunities and resources for our current student base;
- Developing and implementing new programs for the general public;
- Communicating with students, parents, instructors, and the general public about education offerings; and
- Administering and analyzing data from all of the above.

- Experience in customer service
- Excellent writing and communication skills
- Knowledge of musical instruments and gear
- Experience working with youth
- Other skills: We recognize that we work in a creative field and that each individual brings with them a unique set of qualifications. And so in the spirit of personal enrichment and growth, this position has the possibility of being adjusted to fit your specific abilities. Examples include experience in (but are not limited to) marketing, web or graphic design, instrument repair, music instruction, spreadsheet design, and/or customer/lesson studio management software.

Variable depending on skill set of the applicant.


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Isthmus Newspaper's Madison's Favorites

Favorite After-School Program (nominated): Madison Music Foundry's Rock Workshop

Favorite Kid-Friendly Event: 
Madison Music Foundry's Student Jam
Favorite After-School Program (nominated): Madison Music Foundry's Rock Workshop

Favorite Kid-Friendly Event: Madison Music Foundry's Student Jam
Favorite After-School Program: Madison Music Foundry's Rock Workshop

Each year the Isthmus Newspaper collects votes from its readers about their favorite Madison things. Madison Music Foundry received the most votes for both of these categories under the general heading of Kids' Stuff.

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2013 Dane County Small Business Award

This award was granted to ten businesses "that have rewarding workplace environments and contribute back to their community."

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2012 Isthmus Indie Awards

Under the category of "Bridge Builder" owner Mike Olson was credited for helping music instructors to work with each other by sharing best trade practices. Read the article.

Photo to the left is from www.thedailypage.com and was taken by Pete Olsen.